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I’ve been steadily adding to my first DMS and added loads of new features to enable everyone in the centre to see more and record more for all of their learners (including that they now want us to call them clients, not learners).

I’ve come up with a new report that I have called Stats-at-a-glance. It shows by centre, with numbers of staff, number of clients who are on-programme, new starts for the week, restarts (learners who have come back), projected and actual leavers for the week, any jobs and Critical and Overdue paperwork.

New client features added:
– Notes, you can now add and view notes. You can only delete notes you added within 10 minutes
– Action Plans, you can now complete an IAP (Initial Action Plan) with each client when they start as part of their induction
– Added client mobile number, automatically calculates their age at start, their Job Centre Plus office name and advisor name
– New programme section to keep all things related to their programme separate
– New timesheets section so that tutors can record when clients arrive and then press a button and print off all the pre-completed green timesheets
– Documents, a huge update to allow the uploading of documents. Storing them is already proving to be an issue as my PC only has a 1.5Gb Hard Disk. Everyone started uploading the client CVs within an hour of me putting the update live
– Jobs, recording if a client gets a job, and all of the employer details
– Tracking, so that when a client leaves each tutor can get a list of the clients to call each week and record when they have to see if they have a job yet

It absolutely blows peoples minds that you can do this on what is basically a web page. I’ve also been investigating how to make it more secure and plugged absolutely loads of bugs.

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