Paying drivers every time they are stopped at temporary road-works


This proposal concerns the annoying habit of utility companies and building firms to not co-ordinate their activities, and cause huge disruption to drivers with temporary road-works during the working week. Too often huge disruption is caused, yet there are practically no workers there actually doing the road-works to ensure they are completely quickly.

The practical party proposes that for every occasion where a driver has to stop (is stationary) at a set of temporary road-works traffic lights or stop/go signs during the working week (Monday-Friday, 8am til 6pm) the company  / individual doing the works must pay the vehicle driver a single 50p (fifty pence). This includes ALL instances where the road-way is impeded, including but not limited to road building works, hedge cutting, pipe laying, accidents and residential/commercial building works adjacent to the road.

There are no limits to the number of times drivers can receive the money, as long as they are fully stationary, it must be paid as compensation for their journey disruption. Any company or individual who impedes the road must get the road-way cleared again for traffic as quickly as possible.

On motorways, a similar scheme will be introduced, whereby drivers can submit a claim online for deductions against their road tax of £1 for every instance of road-works that have impeded their journey and an additional £1 for every mile of road-works. There will be a smart-phone app (and a separate stand-alone sat-nav style device) that is linked by numberplate with GPS location that will automatically apply the deduction to the next road-tax bill for the vehicle.

On motorways for every minute of stationary time once the Police or emergency services are on-site due to an accident there will similarly be a £1 deduction in road-tax using a similar scheme to the motorway claim scheme.

The Practical party will work with Google, Microsoft and Apple to develop a national road mapping tool that is available freely for all companies and individuals completing road-works to see what other companies have planned in the area. This maps will be available to the public, and must be updated before any road works are carried out, no matter how small. Failure to comply will result in a £10,000 fine for the company or individual involved, and a reward of 50% of this fine to be paid to the individual who first reports that road works are taking place without first being notified on the national mapping system.

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