Richardey Update


It turns out that my programme spread rather a lot. Rather too much in fact, so much so that the lecturers realised which Richard it was and today I got a formal written warning at Tec. They were originally going to suspend me, but because my programme didn’t do any damage I only got a written warning. Apparently its not a good idea to write programmes that spread over the network – thats called a virus, and is bad. The head of year was impressed that I had made it work, but still said I should not have done it.

Time to retire writing programmes like Richardey then, even if they do no damage and are just a bit of fun. It did get me thinking as to what sort of programme I could actually write if I wanted to. With Windows now storing everything in the same place, it would be easy to write a programme to send a copy of someones documents to a different computer on the same network, but I can’t figure out how to get it to do that over the internet, which would be way better.

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