Sunday Afternoon Comic

I decided to try to document our Sunday afternoon in a series of cartoon images

Me, waiting for League of Legends to load, and having a lovely coffee
Its rather cold and wet outside, but our painted outside wall still looks fantastic
Nathaniel is loading a game of League of Legends too
Julian, being effortlessly cool as always chilling out and watching Rise Of The Guardians
Barbara relaxing, drinking a coffee and readingĀ 
The corner of the living room, no fire lit today, everywhere still warm after it was lit yesterday
Thomas mid-game in League of Legends too – playing using the trackpad rather than a mouse. Yes, its ridiculous that he can do that.
Our cat “Meaow” – he is outside all night hunting so sleeps most of the day
The front lawn, showing pirate ship, catwalk, castle and swings.

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