Swift 2 – Make phone call from App


Apple updated its guidelines a while back so that if you want press a button in your App to then make a phone call, it must prompt first to ask the user for confirmation that they wish to make the call.

After hours and hours of trying to make my own UIAlertController and really struggling with the Confirm button not running the function to actually make the call, I decided to do a lot more googling.

Turns out there is a fantastically simple way to use the built-in prompt.

if let url = NSURL(string: “telprompt://01234567890”)


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  • sharedApplication().openURL() is deprecated now… Could you edit this or post a new blog with the swift3 version?

    • Hi Jamie,

      Thanks for that information! I will have to go research the new way to do it! I will update the post when I work out the new way Apple wish us to do it!

  • if #available(iOS 10.0, *) {
    UIApplication.shared.open(url as URL, options: [:], completionHandler: nil)
    } else {
    UIApplication.shared.openURL(url as URL)

  • hey guys currently i’m doing customer care based app which has to make a phone call to the number we r providing and have to display that numbers detail simultaneously could anyone help with this

    • Within iOS the only way to make traditional calls (non VoIP) is through the built in call API, you can’t make a phone call without using the phone App on the device. You might want to investigate integrating VoIP capabilities into your App, that way you can view detail and make the call on the same screen. If you would like help, email me details to [email protected] and I will happily take a look for you 🙂




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