Welcoming Sierra


macOS, iOS, tvOS and watchOS all announced at WWDC tonight – looking forward to trying them out when we are developing new iPhone and iPad Apps in the coming months. I think that building in voice integration to all apps is absolutely critical for apps in the future. More and more users are going to want to use computers/devices and apps solely by voice, so it’s great to see the full integration of voice directly into an operating system for the first time.

What do you think? Will you start talking to your Mac?


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  • Hi, I couldn’t find an email adress to you so i write here instead.
    I’m interested in the “Diamond Pickaxe Hard Enamel Pin-Badge”.
    How many do you have for sale? And how much does it cost?
    Please email me the info.
    Thanks in advance!
    BR Dan

    • Hi Dan,

      Sorry – I have had to withdraw those from sale after Mojang/Microsoft lawyers got in touch with me regarding trademark infringement!




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