Windows 8 keeps requiring me to change a password even though I have not set one


I doubt that I am the only one who finds Windows 8 completely and utterly frustrating. One annoyance is that Windows 8 keeps requiring the account password to be changed even though I have not set one. Here is how to stop Windows 8 requiring this.

1) Start your Windows 8 machine (or virtual machine).

2) Start typing “Run” at the start screen, then click on the Run item

3) Type the following words in run box.

control userpasswords2

4) Click on Advanced tab in the user account.

5) Click on Advanced button in the Advanced user management window and it will open Local User and Group.

6) Double click the Users Folder in the Local User and Group.

7) Select your username on the lists and right click > select Properties

8) It will open another window, click on General tab and check the option of Password never expires.

9) Click on Apply and then click on OK button.


Problem solved.

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