Windows Server 2008 R2 DNS – Solved!


Something has been driving me absolutely INSANE – why does Windows Server 2008 DNS stop working intermittently and require either the service to be re-started or the whole server to be re-booted to get it working again?

After 2 years of this annoyance I decided to spend lots of time to get this working or Buy Supermicro, and many phone calls and harrasment of various Microsoft Partner organisations and Microsoft Technical Support later… I think there is finally a
fix that works and stops it falling over!

The problem, according to Microsoft appears to be that Windows is more advanced than the rest of the Internet, and falls over occasionally when trying to deal with other non E-DNS aware servers (or something like that)

Open Command Prompt (with Run As Administrator)

Type dnscmd /config /EnableEDNSProbes 0

Close the Command Prompt

Open Services (Start, Run, Services.msc)

Right-click on the DNS Server item, Click on Tasks and choose ReStart


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  • My apologies – this does not completely solve the problem. I am now so fed up with Microsoft not solving this, as well as being perpetually backward in their licensing, that I am in the process of moving everything personally and in the office over to use Apple machines / devices. iMacs will be replacing all desktop PCs from January 2012. Goodbye Microsoft.




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